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Star Wars Battlefront video teases a little of what's to come *update* Trailer arrives April 17 at 6.30pm

Update: We know know that the first footage of Star Wars Battlefront will be shown at 6:30pm UK time on Friday, April 17.

Not too long. We're pretty excited for this one.

Original: Well this is exciting. A Star Wars Battlefront teaser video (which we are told is old, but we've not seen it before) has appeared on twitter, showing a little of what to expect from the game.

As you can see, the video shows a snowy Hoth and a whole load of destroyed ships from the perspective of someone driving a Snowspeeder. There's also a ship shown crashing too. It's got it all.

You can pre-order Battlefront below and don't forget, we'll be seeing more footage this April.

Edited On 01 Apr, 2015

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Anonymous user's avatar
Adam 2 years ago
Pretty sure this was the reveal video at E3 a couple of years ago.
Briscoe's avatar
Briscoe 2 years ago
Battlefield? I think you mean Battlefront :p Yeah, I'm pretty sure I've seen that one before aswell.
Boness's avatar
Boness 2 years ago
Yep, it's oldish, this one of the video's which convinced me to pre-order the ps4 when it first became available on shopto in 2013

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