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PlayStation TV now only £49

Sony has cut the price of PlayStation TV in the UK, allowing us to offer it to you for just

"Starting from the 27th March, PS TV will offer even greater value for money," said Sony in a statement.

"Now with an even more accessible price, you can benefit from the advanced features and technology that PS TV brings to your home entertainment experience. By bringing new innovation into the home, you can have the freedom to play whenever and in whichever room you wish. PS TV has never been more accessible, and there has truly never been a better time to expand your PlayStation experience."

PlayStation TV allows you to stream content to another room from your PS4 using remote play, which is handy if you only have one in the house. 

You can order at the new price below.

Edited On 27 Mar, 2015

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wezlyons's avatar
wezlyons 2 years ago
RRP has been reduced to £44.99.
ursinebenn's avatar
ursinebenn 2 years ago
It seems that it is indeed £44.99 everywhere else.

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