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Game of Thrones Episode Three Review

It feels like ages since the last episode of Telltales Game of Thrones, having played an entire season of Resident Evil Revelations 2 during the wait but episode three grabs you hard and does not let go during its three hour playtime.

With the story well under way and most of the main players in place we find House Forrester in a real pickle with House Whitehill using their soldiers to seize control of the valuable ironwood, a situation with little hope of resolution as even after the surprise return of an assumed dead character little has changed, the situation seemingly getting worse by the minute.

Across the globe we also rejoin Asher Forrester as he tries to escape the Lost Legion whilst also forming an army to save the Forrester home, though first off is a little dragon problem he has to deal with resulting in an exciting and enjoyable scene requiring lots of directional inputs, button bashing and lightning quick choices to be made.

We also have Mira at Kings Landing, playing her own game to try and help her family but it seems this handmaiden has taken on more than she can deal with as at first she thought she had a foolproof plan but in reality she is no more than a pawn, with unseen players looking to either kill her or use her for their own means.

The only character who seems to have it easiest is Gared, a freshly initiated Ranger who has learnt of a secret hidden north of the Wall, requiring him to either chose to help his family who exiled him or loyalty to his new found Ranger brothers, made a little harder thanks to some shocking revelations about his "friend" and also dealing with the arrival of a new recruit that has a serious grudge on Gared himself.

This episode of the interactive TV show from Telltale is the strongest so far, the whole pace seems to have been upped considerably with a lot more happening and many important decisions to be made yet again, some having instant ramifications, others that may affect you in the future.

With this tale just reaching the mid-way point this has again impressed me with strong performances from the digital cast. You will notice a lack of cons for this title and I am not saying it is the perfect game but it has offered a gripping and exciting story up to this point and this is from someone who has not seen the TV show before.

Words by Ash Buchanan.

(Version Tested: PS4)


+ The exciting story continues.

- N/a

Edited On 27 Mar, 2015

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