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Spotify lands on PS4 & PS3; Exclusive for foreseeable future

Popluar music service Spotify has landed on PS4 & PS3 today and will be console exclusive to Sony's machines for the foreseeable future.

"PlayStation have gaming exclusivity," Murray Pannell, UK marketing director for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, told Eurogamer, although how long is to "be decided exactly, but certainly for the foreseeable future."

Spotify is a leader in digital music with over 30 million tracks available, 60 million active users and an 15 million paying subscribers.

We've tested the app on PS4 briefly and quite like it. You can control your music using your mobile phone or tablet which is pretty good, it's also easy to find. One of the best features is that you can also play your music while playing a game. Just head into the music unlimited app and you'll be directed to download Spotify.

Here's a screen we took.

Edited On 30 Mar, 2015

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Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 2 years ago
Just realised the other week, if you stream with your music on (mp3's and stream via the share button) you hear the music and what's not but the people watching just get the ingame music and sounds, so twitch doesn't remove your audio cos the ps4 doesn't broadcast it. I thought that was a nice touch seeing as twitch is muting all copywriter music in chunks of 30mins. I had a whole stream audio blocked because I was playing a starwars game and it detected the theme music haha!

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