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The Technomancer announced for PS4, Xbox One and PC

Bound by Flame developers, Spider, has announced a new Cyber-Punk style title known as The Technomancer.

The Technomancer is described as a post-apocalyptic action RPG set in a cyberpunk world, and is coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2016.

We don't know a lot at the moment, though do know that there will be four different skill trees and three different fighting styles for combat, while outside of this there will be conversation dialogue and a story that reacts to the decisions you make, with up to five different outcomes.

The game takes place on Mars.

Here's some screens.

Edited On 10 Apr, 2015

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jay.hamilton's avatar
jay.hamilton 2 years ago
not getting suckered into pre ordering this one, was once again disappointed with bound by flame so ill wait for post release, does look interesting though
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 2 years ago
Let's hope the 5 different outcomes aren't a choice at the end and it changes what colour lighting the final scene has :p we need more RPGs that aren't remasters or sequels so could Be interesting. I thought bound by flame was okay except the fighting, there was no feedback on hitting people
Anonymous user's avatar
Neil 2 years ago
Looks like Bound by Flame affected future pre-orders for others too, almost made me cancel mine for Lords of the Fallen, gladly that was a significantly better game

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