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The King of Iron Fist Tournament, again…

Tekken Tag Tournament 2Ok, so one of the first games I owned for the PlayStation was Spyro the Dragon, judge me if you must, but I couldn’t get enough of those hilarious frogs or whatever they were, that would “moon” you repeatedly until you grilled them. Other than laughing hysterically at delinquent frogs however, I was also extremely interested in the Tekken franchise and wasted many an hour swapping between Tekken 1, 2 and 3. Of course, Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy 7 were thrown into the mix too though, because I’m not entirely weird. Heh, mooning frogs…

Moving on slightly, the first game I owned for the PlayStation 2 was Tekken Tag Tournament, and while it was popular I used my epic TTT skills to captivate male gamers, and it undoubtedly remains my favourite game from within the Tekken series. So, imagine my delight upon hearing that a Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is currently in development! Especially after the abomination which was Tekken 6. Sorry, but trying to turn a fantastic beat’em up into a mediocre….. Actually I don’t even know what it was exactly. Was it trying to be some kind of RPG adventure or something? Either way, NAUGHTY Namco, NAUGHTY! BAD! Go and sit in the corner! No dinner for you! The game looked fantastic and the fights were still brilliant, but all of the running around in between them really ruined it for me, and because there was no major plot during the tournament option, it got old. Fast.

As far as the rumours go, TTT2 will be returning to the same style of play as the first one, which hopefully means that there will be proper arenas to use for kicking people in the crotch, and a distinct lack of the world’s most linear and pointless maps. It’s also rumoured to be utilizing a new graphics engine and should contain the majority of the characters we know and love, up to and including Tekken 6, who will all remain fully customisable. If this turns out to be anything like the first game then I’ll be a happy bunny, and if I can just wipe the existence of what looks to be an absolutely horrendous Tekken film from my mind, everything will be perfect. Oh, and if Devil would stop using his laser beams like a cheat…..

Check out this teaser trailer! Clicky, clicky!

Edited On 11 Nov, 2010

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