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Rockstar offers solution for users with GTA V PC issues

Rockstar have come across a small issue that some users may experience when trying to install GTAV for PC. It relates to users Windows User Account ID in that If users have special characters in their user name, the game may not install.

The developer has a work-around though which you can follow via the guide below.

GTA V Step-by-step solutions for PC install issues

GTA 5 not installing or not playing due to strange characters in Windows username

If your Windows account name has some unusual characters or isn’t based on the Latin alphabet, you’re going to run into issues installing or playing the game. “The Rockstar update service is unavailable (code 1)” is one such error.

This could also cause the game to hang upon downloading a patch. Rockstar is working on a fix, but until that becomes available, you’ll need to create (or switch to) a new Windows account with Administrative rights. Renaming your existing one won’t work unfortunately. The full steps of how you can do that in Windows, as well as the list of supported characters are through the link.

The various Rockstar Social Club launcher errors

Rockstar’s own Social Club launcher is responsible for a number of errors that show up when you try to run the game. Error messages such as: “Social Club failed to initialize,” or “Social Club failed to load due to an incomplete installation. Please exit the game and re-install the latest version of the Social Club” to name a few. Rockstar suspects this is due to an incomplete installation of the service and recommends reinstalling it. Before you install it again, make sure GTA 5 is not running in the background – end the process through the Task Manager to be sure.

If that doesn’t take care of it, there are a few other checks that you can do. Here’s the full list. These are hardly GTA 5-specific and should be your first course of action when any game starts acting up.

Losing saved vehicles in GTA Online when transferring from PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 to PC

If you transferred your GTA Online profile from either of the old-gen systems, but haven’t played the online portion since December 2013, you may run into an issue where your GTA Online vehicles will not carry over. The only way to take care of this at the moment is to make sure you play GTA Online on either of the older consoles before transferring the date.

As soon as you leave Online and go back to story mode, an orange icon will appear on the bottom right of your screen. Once that icon is gone, it means that saving is finished and you can now transfer your character.

GTA 5 not installing because you don’t have Windows Media Player

If you don’t have Windows Media Player installed on your PC, you will get the “Unable to detect Windows Media Player on your system” error when installing GTA 5. To solve this, simply install the media player from the Windows Features menu under your Control Panel > Programs and Features.

Edited On 14 Apr, 2015

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Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 2 years ago
"simply install the media player" - wasn't this only with the 8.1 media center edition and most 8.1 systems out there don't have media player by default? Wonder if they are all screwed? Every big release has so many issues - even after numerous delays - so much for the master race :) Least with consoles it either works or its broke - not thousands of variables.
superniceguy's avatar
superniceguy 2 years ago
PCs are still master race, you just need to know the PC. Consoles just makes things simple, and if the console version is broke there is less workarounds so stays broke until it has been patched. I have not bought it yet, as I plan to upgrade my PC soon for the Witcher 3, but I would not have these problems. I'll pick GTA V PC up later in the year when it is on sale. Also I want to see if it will get as supported on Steam. Retail versions do not get applied to Steam, but function through Rockstar launcher, like Uplay or Origin. GTA IV used GFWL. This time Rockstar should have just teamed up with Steam instead of try and use their own launcher, like what MS are doing now instead of GFWL.
JoeToots's avatar
JoeToots 2 years ago
Just the simple edition of 60fps makes this game the superior version though.
Anonymous user's avatar
craig 2 years ago
tip for getting gta to work. prior to starting gta turn off graphics card, load gta then once it starts turn the graphics card back on. works as a loophole to get started. pain I know but it works.

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