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Bloodborne patch 1.03 arrives *update*

Update: The latest patch for Bloodborne 1.03 is now available. You can download via your PS4 now, unless you have automatic downloads enabled, in which case it should be ready and waiting for you already.

Apparently it reduces load times by 5-15 seconds, so it's worth having for this, as well as the many other improvements.

Original: Sony has revealed some details regarding Bloodborne patch 1.03.

As reported on the PlayStation Blog, the patch will fix the bug in which bosses which allows bosses to become easier after 12 hours of play. Apparently the patch will also shorten load times, which is welcome news indeed.

Plenty of people are no doubt waiting on this patch as we reported yesterday that Bloodborne has sold over 1 million copies since launch.

Edited On 23 Apr, 2015

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Lred's avatar
Lred 2 years ago
I was dying a lot so decided to wait for the load times patch before playing again. Glad this is out so fast. Hopefully its a lot faster now, eager to test.

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