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Monday Chat: April 20

It's Monday, so what did you get up to over the weekend?

What have you been up to? What games have you been playing?

Once again, today we will be live streaming at some point, so make sure you keep an eye on twitter for the time and join us on twitch.tv/shopto.

Let's Chat!

Edited On 20 Apr, 2015

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Danny_936's avatar
Danny_936 2 years ago
Didn't play anything but did buy most of the PS4 games I wanna play, Got the last of us for £20, kill zone for £10, infamous second son and first light for £28, Diablo 3 for £23 and the borderlands collection for £30 along with a blue controller for £40, Now all I need to do is buy a PS4 which is £280 and at some point tomorrow I will pre order a handful of PS4 games including Progject Cars as I need a decent racing game.
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 2 years ago
Got back into Disney infinity, not played it for ages but got a few playsets for cheap last week so got carried away playing that. Can't wait for Assassins creed Chronicles this week - we still get it free for having the SP but I hope we get the other 2 in the series free too as otherwise buying the 2 separate is probably the same price as the SP for the chronicles!
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 2 years ago
Also, LA Cops is coming out on the PS4 this week - I'll be grabbing that too - saw Sips play it on youtube - its like Hotline miami but more funky and you can actually arrest people rather than just beat their face in with a baseball bat
Dead's avatar
Dead 2 years ago
Did a bit of trophy boosting on Smash Bros, and got in some practice on MK8, played a bit of DK64, and cashed up some nectar points to get some free Xbox credit and bought Goat Simulator, which was a laugh.
JoeToots's avatar
JoeToots 2 years ago
Played abit of the witcher 2, what a cracking gae so far. Then i had a 50th on saturday night and then went into town. I was absolutely smashed. Then yesterday i took the girlfriend out for an indian which was good.
Anonymous user's avatar
Chris 2 years ago
still playing hardline got to lvl150 friday and on saturday completed saving 10million so now have the dino and wolf mask. next step trying to catch 1st for kills in UK need to close 5,000 gap

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