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Aperture Science countdown ends…

Ever since Valve launched the mysterious Portal countdown, people have been speculating about what this could be set to reveal. A surprise early release? An entirely new game? Nothing at all? Well, the countdown has finally finished and we can reveal that…

Portal 2 will be released early, although not without some work from the community; GLaDOS has shut down and will only reboot with your help. If the mission is successful, we can all play Portal 2 early.

To help out you need to head over to ‘GLaDOS @ Home‘, the website the countdown opened  and play the 13 indie games in The Potato Sack bundle. Once there has been a sufficient amount of downloads and plays for each game, Valve have promised to release Portal 2 early (presumably the new release will only take effect on Steam, though).

The Potato Sack bundle includes some great indie titles including Super Meat Boy, Cogs and The Wonderful End of The World, so we wouldn’t exactly call this a bad deal regardless of what the end reward is.

You can pre-order your copy of Portal 2 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 from ShopTo ready for when the game will otherwise release, next week.

Edited On 15 Apr, 2011

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