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Omega Quintet Review

Having found their place on the PS3 and PS Vita with the Neptunia series, producers Compile Heart are now finally focusing their attention on the PS4; so just what do they have in store for the new generation?

Omega Quintet is yet another text heavy Japanese Role Playing Game that plays in a similar vein to the Neptunia games, in that it involves a group of powerful young girls out to save the world and look cool as they do it. This time around the world has been overrun by the Blare, a vicious army that strike with little advance warning as they feed on humans. Since their initial attack, the world has pretty much been decimated, leaving only a pocket of survivors in one remaining city, but its not all doom and gloom as the inhabitants have a saviour in their midst, Miss Momoka, an all singing all dancing heroine who can battle the Blare and keep them at bay as the survivors watch on via huge video screens, becoming frenzied fans whenever a battle takes place. Being a Verse Maiden sadly takes its toll, with Miss Momoka slowly losing her powers thanks to a combination of exhaustion and getting past it at 30 years old (know the feeling). Eager to take over is the new generation of Verse Maidens, including Otoha, a rather over ambitious and klutzy young girl and the main protagonist Takt, who has known Otoha for years and has now been caught up in the Verse Maidens saga as their trainee manager and bodyguard.

As expected in a Compile Heart game, there is an awful lot of narration to read through, characters having lengthy arguments and jokes with one another, very slowly unravelling the story. When not talking the game is split into managing the team and fighting as them. The management side has you playing as Takt, wandering around the Verse Maidens office and organising new weapons, adding new specials, making videos or styling the girls before they go out to battle as since they are broadcast to thousands of fans the girls have got to look their best; though being the only man in a all girl environment does lead to some quite poor jokes and "situations" where the girls are in their underwear.

Away from all of the managerial elements is were the real fun can be found, the action taking place in the many locations around the city that allow you to carry out the many quests and side missions, running through the lands collecting items and starting fights with the various monsters that roam. There is a little more thought than normal on these field areas as they are huge when compared to previous Compile Heart titles, with Omega Quintet also adding small problem solving elements to them, with each of the five girls having their own unique ability that enables them to explore darker parts of the fields.

When you do come across a Blare the fighting is a variation on classic turn based action with each character taking it in turn to carry out their moves. Elemental powers are as usual the way to pick effective attacks and defensive abilities but Omega Quintet does at least make this area easy to follow, with each Blare's statistics being able to be looked for quick reference, making the battles enjoyable and streamlined. The game does also break the mould a little when it comes to the weapons and specials, with each attack having a set range, their effective range being highlighted in various colours. Though there are lots of attacks and support powers to utilise between the Verse Maidens, Omega Quintet also allows Takt to pair up with the girls, acting as an additional support by blocking attacks and even delaying the turns of enemies, allowing you to group the girls together for extremely powerful Harmonic attacks.

Though there is a decent variety of customisation tools and an exciting battle system with loads of powers to unlock it would have been nice to see something that truly felt like it belongs on the PS4, be it a different approach to gameplay or some spangly visuals but in the end Omega Quintet offers a style we have played numerous times before; its good enough but i cant see it winning over any new fans.

Words by Ash Buchanan.

(Version Tested: PS4)


+ The battle system is easy to follow 
+ A new Compile Heart PS4 game


- The story can drag a little too much
- Awkward humour
- Not really pushing the PS4

Edited On 06 May, 2015

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