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Dragon Quest 8 set for 3DS

Dragon Quest 8 will be released on Nintendo 3DS, Square Enix has announced.

The RPG was first released on PlayStation 2 in 2004, while a mobile release followed in 2014. So to get even more people on board, the 3DS version launches in Japan on August 27.

The 3DS version will have a new scenario, new party members (a thief named Garda and Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Road's Morrie), as well new voice-overs, music by the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra and StreetPass support.

Are you happy to see the arrival of Dragon Quest 8 on 3DS?

Here's a video of someone who seems to like it.

Edited On 13 May, 2015

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Triforce Protector's avatar
Triforce Protector 2 years ago
I'll get this again if it's released here, the PS2 original is still in my top 5 fav PS2 games and top 5 JRPG'S of all time(FF7,Suikoden 2, Legend of Dragoon and Chrono trigger being the other 4 not in that order though lol Secret of Mana and Xenoblade Chronicles are joint 6th), for those who never bought it on PS2 I advise you get it on PS2, and those who never had a PS2 and have a 3DS get it if it ever gets released over here.
PrometheusFan's avatar
PrometheusFan 2 years ago
We're still waiting for DQVII on 3DS over here, so I won't hold my breath.
Anonymous user's avatar
Neil 2 years ago
Why do all the decent RPGs fall to friggin' handhelds... They need to make another decent console Dragon Quest, no DQ heroes crap! Give us a well made DQ RPG with no funny business and may as well call it DQ9

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