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The Witcher 3 day one patch improves framerate and more

The Witcher 3 day one update includes plenty of fixes, meaning those picking up the game tomorrow shouldn't be too bothered by any issues faced by early reviewers.

Indeed our own review was mainly written using the patch, meaning that we didn't really face any framerate issues or any other minor problems that those who had the game earlier noticed.

The full PS4 patch notes taken from the PS4 can be seen below.

The Witcher 3 update v.1.00

Major changes:

- Support for DLCs
- Multiple stability issues fixed
- Overall performance improvements

Quests and game:

- Variety of cosmetic quest improvements
- Journal objective fixes
- Quest mapping fixes
- Dialogue flag fixes
- Quest balancing issues
- Scene triggering improvements

Gameplay systems:

- Boat behaviour
- AI improvements
- NPC spawn strategy improvements
- Combat balancing
- UI optimizations

Edited On 18 May, 2015

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