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House of Wolves goes live at 6pm *update* Out Now

Update: House of Wolves is out now.

Original: Destiny's second DLC, House of Wolves, goes live at 6pm in the UK.

"For those eight hours [between the weekly reset and House of Wolves going live], your main view of the Director will exclude some featured activities. That includes Nightfall Strike, Weekly Heroic Strike, Daily Heroic Story, and featured Crucible playlist. The rest of the game will be playable, of course," say s Bungie.

"Consider it planned maintenance - or the calm before the storm! Those missing activities will be back when House of Wolves is live."

We know some of our readers are ready for House of Wolves, but what about the rest of you?

Edited On 19 May, 2015

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Kaysar's avatar
Kaysar 2 years ago
Been hitting the bounties hard and despite having completed them all, and redoing them a number of times (and discovering the glitch where if you leave the area and come back you can open the chest a second time) I've yet to pick up a legendary endogram. My vault is flooded with blue ones. And yet, my friend does one bounty with me and gets two legendary ones -_- Sometimes life isn't fair :P That said, really looking forward to decrypting, then dismantling, these endograms when the DLC drops

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