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Life is Strange: Episode Three Review

Previously on our Life is Strange Episode Two Review, we told you how the episode provided less focus on the tornado which Max is convinced will soon destroy the town and instead focused a lot more on the turn back time element of the game. To add to this, Episode Two also tugged at your heart strings with an ending that was tough to take and in this respect, Episode Three continues where the last one left off.

In Episode Three, the focus switches to the school as Max and Chloe try to figure out what happened to cause a girl to jump to her death and find out any reason at all as to where Chloe’s long lost friend got to. It’s a episode with a lot of tension, although for me it had some frustration too as I couldn’t figure out a rather simple puzzle at the start of the game. If only I’d remembered about the rewind ability sooner, I would have saved myself a lot of time.

As mentioned, a lot of the focus in Episode Three surrounds the school, this generally involves sneaking around, looking for items and rewinding time in a fashion that you’ll now be accustomed too. Utilising the rewind ability well is crucial in this episode, as otherwise you’ll end up not getting very far. It’s certainly a tense part of the story as you find out more on what you are looking for, although it’s perhaps a notch down from Episode Two in terms of action and tough choices.

While in the last episode, actions had major consequences, in Episode Three it often feels more like the developer is filling in the story and building up to something big and while the twist does eventually come, on this occasion it felt like it took a long time to get there.

So what is the twist? Well it comes in the form of a new power for Max and it’s quite brilliant, although I’m inclined not to talk about it in this review as I feel that it will play a major part in Episode Four, so I’ll leave the mystery alive should you be planning to check out this Episode for yourself. Let’s just say that it is a rather major power and that it’s going to have consequences that will make your previously decisions feel almost irrelevant.

Life is Strange Episode Three continues the good form of the series so far. It’s fair to say that it feels a little slower paced than the previous episode, however the story it tells is crucial to what has gone on so far and what is to come. As I mentioned in the last review, if you are yet to play then I'd recommend grabbing the season pass and checking out all the episodes released so far, because I have a feeling that Episodes Four to Six are really going to step things up a notch and based on what I have played so far, this is a story you don’t want to miss.

Words by Joe Anderson
Twitter: @_wotta | XBLA/PSN: wotta

(Version Tested: Xbox One)


+ Good focus on story
+ Rewind mechanic utilised more
+ Decision making really makes the game
+ A new power adds an interesting twist


- Chloe is still 'hella' annoying, even Max is at it now

Edited On 19 May, 2015

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Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 2 years ago
Joe - in ep 2 did you save the girl? I did but i may watch your ep 3 if you streamed it if she died - to see whats different
Joe2120's avatar
Joe2120 2 years ago
I didn't.

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