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Windows 10 will hit Xbox One 'post summer'

Windows 10 is coming to Xbox One 'post-summer.'

Apparently it'll change the look and feel of Xbox One, although Microsoft irst have to go through a preview program, where selected Xbox One owners get to test the changes out to make sure they work ok.

What do you think Windows 10 will bring to Xbox One?

Edited On 21 May, 2015

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Hymeleon's avatar
Hymeleon 2 years ago
Security vulnerabilities, overall gaming performance decrease, decline in developer support...
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 2 years ago
woulnd't surprise me if they add a reverse XBone > PC support - so as well as playing xbox one games on PC(well, streamed to pc), you can also play the PC games streamed to the Xbox one using its controller. That would be a good feature (if it's not already one announced). I also recon there will be many Social media things. Win 10 previews so far have been the most stable and efficient pre-release previews. Win 10 will be great, just like 8 was, but there will still be haters out there determined that 7 is the best when in 2015 it clearly isn't as 8.1 isn't the 8 that originally came out, everything works and it works better than ever.
Anonymous user's avatar
Neil 2 years ago
As far as the Xbone goes or any console it's for playing games and maybe the random app or 2, it already works and Windows has no part in that so what's with the waste of time, seriously Microsoft...

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