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Farming Simulator 2015 Review

Being a city dweller I can’t say that I know a whole lot about farming. I know milk comes from cows and that eggs come from chickens and I guess I know that without farmers we’d not have all the lovely crops that make porridge and corn flakes a perfect breakfast treat. What I probably didn’t realise though is just how much work goes into growing these crops and what a relaxing but mundane task it can be harvesting them. Thank the gaming world then for the phenomenon that is Farming Simulator.

As the name suggests, Farming Simulator is a game all about farming. It’ll teach you to sow and harvest your crops, allowing you to earn cash to expand your farm and buy new vehicles and equipment. It may sounds simple and pretty basic, but underneath the name is a pretty expansive and deep game, all of which will keep you strangely hooked for hours.

When the game starts you are greeted with a choice of two fictional settings; the Scandinavian village of Bjornholm or the U.S based Westbridge Hills. Whichever you choose, there is a lot of hard work to do before you even begin to see the fruits (or crops) of your labour and to make things even tougher, you’ll only begin with basic equipment – a few tractors, a trailer, and a harvester. Given that these machines are pretty basic, they pretty much run at the slowest speed imaginable, making farming a tough and slow task, especially when you are trying to cultivate the land before having to then sow it with your choice of seeds. Once you get a vehicle with decent speed, this is nothing, however to begin with it’s a very slow process.

On the bright side, once you start to sell your crops to market, you’ll make money and in turn you’ll be able to buy new equipment, which as you would expect makes you more money faster. The main problem is that you will need to spend quite a few tedious hours making cash before the game’s endless possibilities open up to you, although in a way this makes the game all the more satisfying when they do.

Farming Simulator 2015 offers quite a few different occupations for you to try your hand at once you make some cash, be it animal rearing, forestry or just your standard crop farming. However, as mentioned, you’ll be sticking with the latter until you make the serious money. There’s lots of ways to make money in the game, but the smart farmers will be the one’s who don’t rely on single crops, but instead open up to the possibilities of relying on various crops, as well as saving money where they can by making their own hay bales or own food for the farm animals.

There’s lots more packed into Farming Simulator, such as a countless amount of vehicles and the new Foresting occupation which lets you plant and cut down trees to make money. In addition, there is also the ability to hire employees to do the mundane tasks of chopping wood or sowing and harvesting your crops, while you site back and count your cash.

If you are that way inclined, you can even team up with others online, by asking up to five other people to help you out, although personally I was unable to find anyone to let me play with them. Perhaps they knew I was a city dweller.

Presentation wise, it’s fair to say that Farming Simulator isn’t a looker. There is a real lack of texture and polish to the whole game and the framerate isn’t much better. It is a budget title, so I probably shouldn’t have expected too much in this area, however a little more effort would have been nice.

Overall, Farming Simulator 2015 isn’t exactly a bad game. There’s something quite relaxing about sowing and harvesting crops, chopping wood and looking after farm animals. It’s the sort of game that you’ll start playing and then realise how much time has past, without actually realising that you’ve achieved something. Sure Farming Simulator 2015 won’t be for everyone, but that’s the beauty of gaming isn’t it?

Words by Joe Anderson.
Twitter: @_wotta | PSN/XBLA: wotta

(Version Tested: PS4)


+ Relaxing gameplay
+ Plenty of vehicles
+ Nice choice of occupations


- Slow to start
- Not a looker

Edited On 26 May, 2015

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Anonymous user's avatar
Chris 2 years ago
This game is strangely enjoyable I got it for the kids but they haven't had a lookin yet. I have a good way of making quick easy money from the start using just your given machinery,you can quite easily make 200,000+ in 2 hrs
Anonymous user's avatar
Chris 2 years ago
Made 400,000 this morning have a simple method of making easy money with your basic vehicles

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