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Destiny: The Taken King revealed by Red Bull *update* Expansion set to release on September

Update: Destiny's The Taken King will release in September, according to leaked marketing material obtained by Kotaku.

According to the site, the expansion will give players access to a third subclass; Warlocks will get an arc subclass featuring an electrical storm super, Titans a solar flaming hammer and Hunters a void gravity bow.

The expansion is expected to cost $40, double the price of previous expansion packs The Dark Below and House of Wolves. UK pricing has yet to be confirmed.

Other details suggests that there will be a new raid centred on Oryx, as well as new strikes and PvP maps.

Expect more details next week.

Original: Bungie's supposedly huge expansion for Destiny has been named by Red Bull as 'The Taken King'.

As reported by Game Informer, the Destiny: The Taken King logo is shown across boxes of cans of the energy drink with the statement 'redeem code for 'bonus XP and epic quest.'

The new expansion, which will no doubt be revealed in full at E3, is said to be releasing this September. It's rumoured to contain 12 new story missions, four new Strikes, a new Raid, a host of additional PvP content, and a brand new location.

We'll find out more soon, but as you can see below, it seems that most of the above will likely turn out to be true.

Edited On 09 Jun, 2015

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jay.hamilton's avatar
jay.hamilton 1 year ago
Its definately the taken king as it was leaked a few weeks back, The Taken King is a reference to ORYX in the grimoire cards
Kaysar's avatar
Kaysar 1 year ago
Great, more long hours into the night. Thankfully the Red Bull needed for some of the extra content will keep me awake ;-)
unseen_hero ( Jack )'s avatar
unseen_hero ( Jack ) 1 year ago
Can't wait for a new raid.
Spear 25's avatar
Spear 25 1 year ago
Looking forward to a new location. Day 1 purchase for me
jay.hamilton's avatar
jay.hamilton 1 year ago
Jack, Ditto
Anonymous user's avatar
Ryan 1 year ago
The hive again, I hope it's more then just that
Kaysar's avatar
Kaysar 1 year ago
Was waiting for the third sub class to be added

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