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Ultra Street Fighter IV Review

What more can be said about this long running fighting series? Many have tried to topple it, pretty much all have failed, with each new iteration of Ryu and pals somehow squeezing out just a little bit more for the player, adding even more characters and moves and with the highly anticipated release date of Street Fighter V still a way off Capcom have decided to add another game to their long list of titles.

Ultra Street Fighter IV is the combination of all of the different Street Fighter IV games previously released, a huge compendium of DLC and game modes that were drip released over the past few years, building from an already great roster and adding even more characters to the fighting series that will never end. For the layman the basics have actually changed very little over the years, allowing you to select from over 40 fighters, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and special moves as you proceed to beat up whoever crosses your path via the now classic and untouched six button fighting mechanics that allow for a series of weak, medium and heavy punches and kicks.

The presentation is top notch, the over muscly anime style fighters looking great on the screen with the game granting you a huge assortment of alternative costumes and colours to try out across a series of modes that includes Arcade, in where you are able to fight through a selection of fighters and witness their reasons for joining the tournament. There are also Challenges and Training that offer plenty of modes to improve your skills, something that is recommended before taking on the real challenge, the Network Battle, where the world’s best gather to show off just how good they are.

Moving away from the more simplistic approach the Street Fighter series has evolved so much since my early arcade days, with plenty of Ultra and EX moves to learn about plus frame by frame tactics that the more hard-core players painstakingly learn and master and this is where troubles arise as even though this is essentially a port of the previous generations Ultra Street Fighter IV game, on the PS4 it appears something has gone wrong along the way. This is not to take anything away from the team at Other Ocean as through my own personally experience I have not encountered any issues with the game, however I am far from the expert Street Fighter player but there have been lots of grumblings from the pro circuit, enough for CAPCOM to remove this version from their championship events. If you are really looking to hone your skills a master Street Fighter then you may be better keeping an eye on the forum updates where I am sure CAPCOM will address these issues but for those of us that are looking for a more casual experience and have yet to play a fighter on the PS4, this is the best version money can buy.

Ultra Street Fighter IV has not had the best launch on the PS4 and unless you are looking to join the pro circuit this is still a must have purchase with its huge roster of characters and solid gameplay.

Words by Ash Buchanan.

(Version Tested: PS4)


+ Serious selection of fighters to master
+ Classic SF gameplay


- For the pro fighters it is best to hold back for now until the glitches are addressed

Edited On 03 Jun, 2015

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