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Gears of War studio changes its name to The Coalition

Microsoft's Gears of War studio, Black Tusk, has now changed its name to The Coalition, according to studio head Rod Fergusson.

Fergusson announced the change on Xbox Wire, where he also explained the reasons for this change.

"The Vancouver-based Xbox team working on the Gears of War franchise will be known as The Coalition," said Fergusson. "A coalition is a team of diverse individuals working together for a common purpose, a concept that we feel describes our studio quite well.

"Fans will also recognize the Coalition of Ordered Governments (COG) from Gears of War lore. Moving forward, when you hear The Coalition, we want you to think of Gears of War."

The team is going to show more on Gears of War at the Microsoft press conference.

Edited On 04 Jun, 2015

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Dead 2 years ago
Coalitions are never a good thing. ;)

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