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Fallout 4 coming November 10

The most anticipated Bethedsa game, Fallout 4, was announced last night and even better, it'll release on November 10 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Looking rather incredible and feature packed and so it should as Fallout 4 has been in development for the last four years.

The game itself begins before a nuclear war, with the player using the character creation screen to choose a man or woman, while also letting you sculpt your face while chatting to your partner - a baby is even generated from the couple you create. Later in the same section you can set your stats from Vault Tech, before devastation takes places and the world becomes a shadow of its former self.

As well as numerous graphical advancements, improvements have been made to gameplay, the way you command your dog and more. Perhaps one of the most interesting new features is the ability to rebuild the world while playing, allowing you to create a settlement, which in turn will attract people to live there. You'll need to build defences and provide food and shelter, to help then survive and fight off raids. Crafting also carries over to weapons, allowing you to create over 700 mods for 50 base weapons. It's a great option and looks like a lot of fun.

Bethedsa even showed off a new version of Pit Boy, which allows you to play classic games as well as access in-game information and systems. An app with also be released which gives a second-screen experience, so instead of using it in-game, you can use it on your mobile instead. There is even a collectors edition which includes a real-life Pit Boy which you can slide your mobile into and strap to your arm.

Edited On 15 Jun, 2015

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broonba's avatar
broonba 2 years ago
Will shopto have the pip boy edition
Demix's avatar
Demix 2 years ago
I would like to know if there is gonna be pip boy edition...

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