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Sony E3 conference as it happened - Round Up

Sony kicked things off with The Last Guardian for PS4, how exciting is that? Its been a long wait after all and now it is happening. Its arriving in 2016 apparently.

Next up is the new IP from Guerrilla Games, Horizon. It seems to be an open world title with robotic dinosaurs and plenty of exploration, it looks amazing and you can see more below. No date but it is PS4 exclusive.

Hitman is getting a reboot on PS4 and will get a exclusive beta and other exclusive content on the console. Check out the trailer below.

We are all looking forward to No Man's Sky and Hello Games took to the stage to show us more. It looks just as incredible as you'll all remember and we really can't wait to try this one out. Can we have it yet?

Death's Gambit is to make its debut on PS4. Watch more on that below.

Media Molecule showed off its new game next, revealing a title where you can make anything you can dream of. There is a lot more to be shown at Paris Games Week, but for now we get the following footage.

We almost missed the mention of Street Fighter V because things are moving so fast. The PS4/PC exclusive will get a beta exclusively on PS4. New footage is below.

Destiny: The Taken King was shown off next. Mostly we are just seeing trailers with little talk, Sony must be un a rush as it seems to have a lot to show. Still, we got to see yet more footage as you can see below.

Assassin's Creed has some exclusive content on PS4 and a trailer was shown at the conference. Check it out.

Final Fantasy has a new addition to the franchise. Its something new as smaller Final Fantasy character comes to a new World of Final Fantasy which will come to PS4 exclusively in 2016.

Final Fantasy VII is being remade and you'll be able to play it first on PlayStation 4. This is a big one of course. Perhaps the biggest Megaton in years. Well done Square Enix.

Devolver time. Ronin on Vita and PS4, Eitr on PS4, Mother Russia Bleeds on PS4, Crossing Souls on PS4 and Vita, all console debut games for Sony's systems.

Shemue 3 is coming sort of, as Sony let the developers take to the stage to launch its Kickstarter and it happened live right in front of us. Want to play the game? Then you better head over to Kickstarter and get it funded.

A new Batman trailer was next. The game is coming out next week, but there's no harm checking out more footage and that's what we saw during the conference.

Project Morpheus was the next thing on show, letting us see some of the titles on the way such as Eve Valkrye, the Deep and RIGS, a new Guerrilla Cambridge esports like title for Sony's headset.  

There was word on PlayStation Vue next, although it's not launching in the UK at this time, just more U.S cities, with discounts for PS Plus.

Call of Duty time. Sony is partnering with Activision to bring exclusive content to PS4. A trailer was shown and following that the multiplayer was introduced. It's apparently unlike any other Call of Duty seen before it, which is good news. The video certainly looked interesting and all map packs will be first on PS4, as will the beta. PlayStation is the new home of Call of Duty, says Sony.

Montage time next, showing off all the games already shown which we know are coming to PS4 already, such as Until Dawn and Uncharted Trilogy. PS Vita even got some love. Some of the titles shown above don't have a lot of information, but we expect more details either later this week during Paris Games Week.

Star Wars next and we all want to see more of that, don't we? But it wasn't Battlefront, no it was Disney Infinity 3.0. It'll include lightsaber content and two episodes based on the Star Wars series. The news for Sony is that it is getting an exclusive playset, which includes the mentioned playsets which allow you to fight the empire using the characters you know and love such as Bobba Fett.

Battlefront was next to make the Sony stage its own by showing yet more footage on stage. Sony seems to have the advertising rights for this one, though we didn't see mention of exclusive content. Maybe that will come.

Uncharted 4 closes the show. It will blow you away with how good it is looking, simply incredible. We see actual gameplay too, although the developer seemed to forget to play or it crashed, not sure which. Any way, once it did start it looked simply amazing as you would expect. We see the classic gun fighting action that Uncharted delivers with plenty of set pieces and bullets flying in all directions. Impressive stuff indeed. 

And that was it. So what did you think?

Edited On 16 Jun, 2015

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Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 2 years ago
Final fantasy looks epic!!!! Both the cute one and the 7 remake. I couldn't stop cheering when it came on!
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 2 years ago
Very poor presentation, was just short clip, 1 min talk, show clip etc... Wasn't really entertaining. However, no mans land, final fantasy 7 reboot and ff worlds and Shenmue 3 look great. Plus Sony has their DLC timed/full exclusives, ac, cod, hitman and batman.
Anonymous user's avatar
Michael 2 years ago
Seeing the Shenmue 3 kickstarter made me happy because it's finally coming out and sad because it reminded me that Sega are practically dead nowadays. Street fighter V looks amazing.
Anonymous user's avatar
PHILIP 2 years ago
OMG The Last Guardian --- Fuckin YES thank you Sony.... Day one purchase for me. .. I am so pleased :-)

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