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No Man's Sky still looks incredible; Will get a release date soon

Sean Murray of Hello Games showed off some gameplay from No Man's Sky early in the morning, while also revealing that we'll get a release date soon.

In the demo shown at Sony's conference, Murray showed the near limitless amount of solar systems that you'll be able to visit and discover as you journey through No Man's Sky. Each point of light in the demo was a sun and each sun had its own group of planets, each planet with life and an ecology. The goal is to get to the centre of the galaxy - "that's where we're all trying to get to," Murray says, although it seems like it will no be easy.

Murray decided to pick a planet known as Sugas-Uomi in his demo and flew down towards a red icon which represents a beacon. Finding these beacons on each planet will then allow you to upload discoveries, be that the planet itself, inhabitants or other points of interest.

Every planet in every solar system is fully destructible and you can also take part in first person combat using a lazer gun to destroy robot Sentinels that protect the planets. Back in space you can also take part in space battles, giving you plenty to do in between exploring.

Sean retreats into a pool, and discovers fish. "There's some E3 fish," he quips. He finds the beacon to upload the discoveries.

Murray finished saying, "We'll announce a release date soon, I promise." We sure hope he does.

Edited On 16 Jun, 2015

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inspector 74's avatar
inspector 74 2 years ago
I was a bit disappointed in this to be honest, theres a lot lot lot lot of awesome looking games and this was on my list for sure but this time round it didn't WOW like it did previously

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