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Batman Arkham Knight Season Pass holders will eventually receive all in-game pre-order bonus content

Batman Arkham Knight Season Pass holders will eventually receive all in-game content that has been offered as a pre-order incentive by retailers.

"This includes the Harley Quinn and Red Hood Story Packs, as well as any Batmobile or Booster Pack that was available as early bonuses for pre-order of the game”, Rocksteady's admin Yorick said.

This news comes after it was revealed that the Arkham Knight Batmobile Edition was cancelled due to a last minute production error. This is not so good for those who pre-ordered as the Limited Edition is becoming quite hard to find, so to make up for this Warner will be providing everyone who purchases Batman: Arkham Knight with the New 52 skin pack, including Batman, Robin and Nightwing, free of charge. A bonus for everyone then.

Batman: Arkham Knight is out June 23 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

Edited On 18 Jun, 2015

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Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 2 years ago
so basically there is no need to pre-order the game anymore then if you plan on getting the season pass as you will get everything you would normally miss out on with it. I was gonna order the car edition as well - glad I didn't
Danny_936's avatar
Danny_936 2 years ago
Tempted to buy Batman from ShopTo for £37, Play then wait for the season pass to drop or go on sale once all the DLC is out or just not buy the game, Wait like 6+ month and just buy the GOTY edition.
Anonymous user's avatar
CHRIS 2 years ago
Or, wait for the game of the year edition.... These so called special collectors editions are worthless at trade-in. So unless you plan on keeping them forever, don't waste your money.

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