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Star Wars Battlefront maps change depending on which team is winning

How do you know which team is winning in Star Wars Battlefront? You simply look at the environment.

In an interview with IGN, DICE general manager Patrick Bach revealed that the maps change along with some of the events, depending which side is winning or losing.

"We have a concept we call Battle Beyond," Bach said, "The cool thing with this is it's actually part of the player feedback. So depending on which side is winning or losing, these events actually change."

An example given was that, when the Rebel Alliance for instance, is dominating on a particular Tatooine map, part of the visual representation of their success is a flaming Star Destroyer sinking into the surface of the planet. Each map will feature appropriate and different means of communicating the state of the battle for each side.

"It’s what you usually do in a UI, you make it bluntly obvious. It’s slowly hinting at who’s winning, and I think it’s a brilliant concept to give you the information and emotion you need to understand or change your plans… You don’t need a gauge blinking. It’s part of the world," says Bach.

Star Wars Battlefront is out November 17 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Edited On 18 Jun, 2015

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