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Servers had to be redesigned for PlayStation Plus Edition of DriveClub

Shuhei Yoshida has said in a new interview that DriveClub's servers were to blame for the delayed launch of the PlayStation Plus Edition of DriveClub.

When the retail and digital version of the game launched the servers crashed and Yoshida told Kotaku that this was an oversight from not stress-testing the game correctly.

“It was the number of people the server couldn’t handle. The stress-testing was not designed correctly. So it was the oversight.

"So the team had to go back to the drawing board in terms of server code. And they have been re-factoring and re-engineering server-side to be able to have more people play the game at the same time."

Apparently prior to the game's release the team had already “gone back to the drawing board” in its effort to get the game launched.

Sony is hoping that its new “central tech team,” which is tasked with reviewing the multiplayer code of first party titles, will help catch such problems in the future.

"We are more stringent in terms of doing proper online beta testing to get more people to play. We went through a new kind of process."

Edited On 25 Jun, 2015

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lukas83's avatar
lukas83 2 years ago
They really did shoot themselves in the foot big time when they declared they were going back on their word to release the full game for PS+. If they had been honest from the beginning the backlash wouldn't of been so harsh & the embarrassment wouldn't of been so high. At this stage the fact they're keeping it up is just insulting.

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