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1TB PS4 to be bundled with PSTV for a limited time

The 1TB PlayStation 4 will be bundled with PlayStation TV, the micro-console that streams content from PS4 to a second screen, for a limited time only.

If you are after a PS4 but want a bigger HDD with more storage, then now could be the time to pre-order and get the bonus of PlayStation TV too, allowing you to stream your games to another room and also have an extra device on which to watch Netflix, Amazon and catch up services such as BBC iPlayer.

You can pre-order the 1TB console below.

Edited On 08 Jul, 2015

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Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 2 years ago
doubt they will give you a memory card for the vita though - so the 1GB you get on it will be used straight away :P - I've had to buy a 64GB card to use along with my existing 16GB so I can have all my games on the PSTV and carry the few I want to play on the go - even the 64GB doesn't hold them all though so I'm still deleting to install new games!
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jason 1 year ago

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