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F1 2015 Review

So far for this current generation of consoles there has been no real, original must have killer title, these new all powerful consoles struggling to find their identity, relying on the tried and tested, first person shooters, RPG’s and of course racers, with petrol heads having a strong selection to choose from this past year, a jam packed mixed library of realistic and arcade racers to appeal to every type of gamer and now, Codemasters arrives with its two thousand and fifteenth edition of its F1 series.

There are a few game modes to try out with a quick play enabling you to try out whatever track you like and an online mode for racing with friends and rivals. The main bulk of the game is the two campaign modes, Championship Season and Pro Season, with Pro being a real challenge, turning off all assists and guidance; just getting around the first corner is a struggle, leaving the Championship Season for the players that at least want to get to the end of a race, keeping the same thrills but removing some of the more challenging aspects and adding some assistance with breaking and acceleration control.

Both of these single player careers allow you to pick from your favourite team, with all of the seasons drivers playable, letting you race as your hero and recreating classic Grand Prix moments or making some of your own, or in my case, irreparably damaging a racing legends career, you see I am just not any good at this game.

The actual races are pretty much what to expect from the many F1 games before it, a flurry of excitement at the first corner and then an age of trying to catch up, shaving milliseconds off each lap to gain any ground, quite often not seeing any other racer for a few laps; some will love the pressure involved, others will yearn for more action, if you are the latter this game is not for you.

Of course being on the new generation of consoles the game really manages to show off some pretty stunning visuals, the sheer speed and control of these cars really comes across well as you negotiate hairpin corners and floor it on straights. Depending on the camera view you choose from you are given detailed replications of the cars and their interiors, picking out the subtle differences between each one. A great addition and something that adds some unexpected depth to the game is the pit chatter which comes in through the controller speaker (PS4 version reviewed), your crew offering advice and updates of the race, it is a gimmick but it goes that one bit extra to immerse you in the experience. Another neat gameplay element that does seem to appear more in the current gen racers (Drive Club, Forza) is the weather system, playing a much larger part in the overall experience with spring showers and torrential downpours looking fantastic and also changing how you play the game.

As with previous F1 racing games, F1 2015 will be a lot more suited to a steering wheel to get the most out of it and this is maybe where the game may lose a lot of peoples interest as it is a sim, so what you see on the live TV events is essentially what you get here. Credit to Codemasters who have tried to add a little accessibility with the Championship Season but it still boils down to a couple of hours racing in a high powered car around what feels like an empty track.

Words by Ash Buchanan.

(Version Tested: PS4)


+ F1 finally arrives on the new gen
+ Also includes 2014 season
+ Accessible to all levels of player


- Lacks the general excitement of a more classic arcade racer
- Quite bare bones when compared to previous offerings

Edited On 14 Jul, 2015

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iraniangiraffe's avatar
iraniangiraffe 2 years ago
This game is a buggy mess, So far racing with friends we've had cars flipping over for no reason when going down a straight with no cars near. Coming out of the pits the car changing down to 2nd gear. De-syncing from each others races and having no idea where they are until the end of the race where it catches up (and sometimes then a CPU wins after apparently lapping everyone)
Anonymous user's avatar
Jason 2 years ago
Game is utter broken rubbish. No features and what there is a complete shambles full of bugs. Avoid id say its not worth £20 although it might be in 4 months when its patched
Fear Sinséir1612's avatar
Fear Sinséir1612 2 years ago
Sure these consoles have must-have kiler titles: for the XB1 it's: KillerInstinct Komplete and Forza Horizon 2 Komplete for the PS4 it's: GuiltyGear xrd and The Crew Komplete and for Wii U it's: Ninja Gaiden 3, TekkenTag 2, Mario Kart 8 and Bayonetta Komplete ^0^!

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