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Devil's Third to be free to play on PC

Nintendo and Valhalla Game Studios' Devil's Third will also be released on PC.

Devil's Third Online will be free-to-play initially, although Nintendo is still publishing the paid version of the hack-and-slash shooter on Wii U.

"By prior agreement with Nintendo, Valhalla has developed the free-to-play PC exclusive online game Devil's Third Online," Valhalla explained.

"To spread Devil's Third around the world, this game service will run from September 2015 onwards, in various regions around the world following the release of the Wii U version in each region.

"In consideration of cultural characteristics in each region, the content is being optimised via co-development with local publishers. Service territories and the details of game content will be announced accordingly.

"For your information, Devil's Third Online is the online-exclusive game playable on PC and its service is specialised in matchup. Wii U exclusive Story Mode is not included in it."

Are you excited for Devil's Third?

Edited On 21 Jul, 2015

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Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 2 years ago
I was until they have announced it is F2P on PC! why buy it if its free. I know you get a Wii U bit, but why have they even allowed this!

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