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Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards launch on October 2

Nintendo's first wave of card-based Animal Crossing Amiibo will be released in Europe on 2nd October. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer launches on the same date. 

Interestingly there will be 100 cards at launch, each sold in blind packs of three.

One card from each pack will be a "special" card and in all there will be six cards in each pack for North America, while there will be three cards included in a pack for Europe and Japan. So if for instance they cost £2 each then you'll be spending quite a bit of cash to get all 100.

Edited On 21 Jul, 2015

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Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 1 year ago
seems a bit expensive as you only get 3 in a pack. should get at least 5/6 seeing as they are blind and 100 to collect
kitkatkita's avatar
kitkatkita 1 year ago
I'm actually disappointed in Nintendo with releasing them as blind packs. The whole point in the cards.. and the way they marketed it as "So you can choose the character you would like and put them in the game instead of waiting for them to random spawn." (plus there are special ones who only apppear as AmiiboCards) I'll probably still buy them anyway. I hope they release a nice binder to keep them all in along with a wall hanging display thing for the whole set.. or 20 cards + set thing. Will you be allowing us to buy a box at a time at all? (Rather than a package) which most card games allow? I'd totally buy a box to up my chances at getting all of them.
jimmyduckegg's avatar
jimmyduckegg 1 year ago
Your article and the packshot says Europe gets 3 cards per pack, then you say NA & EU get 6 cards per pack. I think you mean NA gets 6, EU & JP get 3 per pack.

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