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PS4 & Xbox One hardware sales on the up; EA estimates 49 million sales by year end

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One console sales are 44% higher than PS3 and Xbox 360 sales were at the same point in their lifecycle, according to EA COO Peter Moore.

Speaking during the companies latest earnings call, Moore said, "We're now 20 months in and if we go like-for-like on the previous generation, we're up 44% installed base hardware versus where we were Xbox 360, PS3, et al," he said. "And our attach rate for software is slightly ahead as well. When correcting for full-game downloads, digital full-game downloads and hardware bundles, we're at 6.1% right now versus 5.9% in the same period in the previous generation."

The two consoles are on track to achieve 49m sales between them by the end of 2015, although the PS4 currently has the lions share, with Sony revealing yesterday that it had sold 25.3m PS4 consoles worldwide since launching the system in 2012.

Last we heard from Microsoft was when it announced that it has shipped10m Xbox One consoles worldwide last November, so current estimate place it at around 13-15 million units shipped.

Wii U currently stands at around 10 million units sold, although EA didn't really make much mention of Nintendo's hardware, which is perhaps no surprise considering the lack of support from EA for the system.

Edited On 31 Jul, 2015

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