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Amplitude delayed until 2016

Amplitude from Harmonix has been delayed until 2016, after originally expecting to release in March 2015.

"As the game came together this year, it became apparent to all of us that it was shaping up to be something really special," explained producer Alex Rigopulos. "The gameplay is as fun and addictive as ever, the HD visuals are gorgeous and hypnotic, and the soundtrack is killer

"The game is fulfilling all of our hopes and ambitions for it, and at a certain point, we made a major call: We've decided to double down, increase the project budget, and make the new Amplitude bigger and better than the scope of game we originally pitched to you all last year."

We are all for improvements and the delay means that gamers will now get 30 songs instead of 16 as well as two additional playable environments, game modes such as the solo campaign, solo free play, 2-4 player free-for-all, and an all-new team play mode.

"It's impossible for us to finish all of these extra songs, environments, features and modes on the same schedule," explained Rigopulos. "Our previous target for shipping the game was this summer. Now that we've committed to this expanded scope, though, we won't be able to complete and ship the game until the end of this year on PS4 (with the PS3 version coming shortly thereafter).

"Kickstarter backers who paid for the 'early access' reward will be able to play the PS4 version in December, prior to the holiday break. For everyone else, the PS4 version will become available in January. (We'll follow up with the exact dates in December and January for PS4 as soon as we have them. PS3 will follow shortly behind.)

"We know that this schedule slip will be a disappointment to many of you. (Frankly, it's disappointing to us as well, as we're all dying to play the finished game…) However, our judgement was that our highest priority is to deliver the best game we possibly can to our fans - the definitive version of Amplitude. We want to over-deliver for our biggest supporters, and that's simply going to require some extra time."

Edited On 03 Aug, 2015

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