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Microsoft gamescom press conference - as it happened

Microsoft's gamescom conference took place at 3pm UK time in Cologne, Germany today and below you can read everything that was announced and shown off in more detail for the first time.

Microsoft kicked off the conference with a compilation video of the titles which are on the way, such as Tomb Raider, Halo, Gears and Forza, before concluding with the 'Jump Ahead' logo.

Phil Spencer took to the stage next to address the audience and reminded fans that RARE Replay launched today. We've already reviewed it, so you know what to expect, but so far it's been well received elsewhere too. 

Spencer reckons this year's line up is the best in Xbox history and added that 2016 will be pretty special too. 

Quantum Break is heading for 2016 and was at last shown off in the form of some gameplay. It's fair to say that it's looking pretty great, with the main character slowing down time, before running in behind the enemy and taking them out or even just manipulating time in order to get away from them. The gameplay video below shows you exactly what to expect, so we'd love to know what you think. Quantum Break arrives April 5.

An in-game live-action show and the game will be fused together in order to provide this unique experience to gamers, so it'll be interesting to see how this one turns out. There was also a trailer of the show, so we have posted that below too. The show comes April 2016, exclusive to Xbox.

Crackdown 3 was next up, is open world and looks amazingly good. The city is a lot more bustling than in previous games by the looks of things, although the video shown took us behind the scenes and didn't really shown too much gameplay, which likely means that this one is heading for release in late 2016.

Scalebound was next up, showing us someone riding a dragon in a new gameplay video, which looked pretty interesting. It looks like a very cinematic game which has the main protagonist and his dragon companion taking out enemies in an old style Japanese style combat, as hit point numbers flash up on the screen. It's coming holiday 2016.

Check it out below.

The head of platform engineering was next on stage to talk about entertainment. Free-To-Air television was the subject, along with news that DVR functionality is coming to Xbox One. It's coming 2016.

In addition, there is a new Xbox chat pad, much like the Xbox 360 version it plugs into your controller and lets you message friends, take screenshots etc. It's coming out in November.

All future Xbox 360 games will be backwards compatible at launch with the Xbox One, so that's a pretty great announcements and if you own a Xbox One then it will be free, with no Xbox LIVE required. There will also be a new Xbox One experience power by Windows 10 in November, which we presume means the new dashboard.

Killer Instinct is coming to PC with cross-platform play and Killer Instinct Season 3 is also on the way, complete with Battletoads.

ID@Xbox was next up, with the first game on the agenda being Bloodstained. The game will be cross play between PC and Xbox One. Cross-play allows PC and Xbox One owners to play together and there was also a new character announced but he has no name. All we know is that he is a demon hunter.

There will be more than 150 games launched on ID@Xbox in the next 12 months and many will come to Xbox One first. City Skylines will be first on Xbox, as will Train Simulator. Worms WMD was also mentioned and shown off in a little gameplay trailer, which saw tanks landing on worms and plenty of destructions.

Ron Gilbert also came on stage, which was an interesting turn of events. Thimbleweed Park is his new game and it was shown off on stage. It looks very Monkey Island-ish, but of course there's nothing wrong with that.

Ark: Survival Evolved is also another title on the way and you can see a trailer for that below too.

A few other titles were also announced such as Starbound, first on Xbox and also We Happy Few, which is apparently quite creepy. Here's a video.

Windows 10 was next up and we were told that loads of developers are developing games for Direct X12. This is great for PC gamers of course and to showcase just exactly what's so great about it, Square Enix created a concept video.

Cross-buy was also announced for some PC/Xbox One titles for MS 1st party studios. Killer Instinct, Sea of Thieves and Fable will also arrive on PC. To summarise, Windows 10 is awesome so download it.

Minecraft was next up, with the developer talking about Minecraft on Windows 10. You can get it for free. A new game was also announced called Cobalt. It's a small platform title developed by a few of the Minecraft team and it is coming to Xbox as a console exclusive. 

We got to see Dark Souls III next. It looks very like Dark Souls, with plenty of scary looking creatures, flames, swords and over-the-top music. You know you'll love it when it arrives next year, which is probably why Microsoft showed it off.

Homefront The Revolution was next to be shown. It was a cinematic trailer, but it looks interesting as the player fights for freedom against an occupying force. 

It'll have single player and multiplayer. Xbox One owners will get the multiplayer beta exclusively this year, while the game arrives next year.

FIFA was next up, you'll get more than sixty legends in total and if you grab EA Access then you can play first.

Edited On 04 Aug, 2015

( 5 )
 TruDarkAssassin's avatar
TruDarkAssassin 1 year ago
Was a good show, a few games that were not on my radar i will be getting now for sure ,all i know now is from aug till december there will be alot of games im getting for both ps4 and xbox haha lol :)
Lawler_1093's avatar
Lawler_1093 1 year ago
That halo 1tb console looks sexy as hell! really considering buying it
PrometheusFan's avatar
PrometheusFan 1 year ago
So Halo Wars 2 was basically the only new game announced here and itisn't even XB1 exclusive? Wow... good thing MS weren't competing with anyone at this show I guess. Also, Halo Wars 2 getting made is actually kind of gross considering MS shut down Ensemble because allegedly they didn't want any sequels to the game. Serious salt in the wound to all those folks that lost their jobs I imagine.
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 1 year ago
Crackdown 3 - experience 20x the power of the Xbox 1 in the MS cloud - so its a always online only game that pretty much streams the game then?
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 1 year ago
Seems like MS have realised that the clause they had in their indie dev requirement was crap and have now actually got some decent games coming. I would get Train sim and Cities skyline if I have a Xbox1 - although the dlc for Train sim will probably be a crazy price like it is on pc without a sale! Shame there wasn't many exclusives though - Quantum Break looks very pretty, but we all know that pretty games usually turn into crappy hand-held 6-7 hour games on current consoles!

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