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Wednesday Chat: August 5

It's Wednesday and therefore time to chat amongst yourselves.

Since Wednesday is the middle of the week, it's a chat amongst yourselves topic time. Hopefully this will spark some interesting debate amongst all of you. So anything exciting happening in your world then?

Let's Chat!

Edited On 05 Aug, 2015

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Fear Sinséir1612's avatar
Fear Sinséir1612 1 year ago
ShopTo sure has made me psyched about the forthcoming Street Fighter V 2016 release; I sure hope you'll procure a collector's edition of the game with, hopefully, Burnt-Orange ^0^ Street Fighter V Hoodie, animated Blue Ray and manga Art Booklet ^0^! I'LL be the FIRST to pre-order it through ShopTo should Capcom Execs choose to release the game like that ^0^ ^0^!! Also, just heard that Killer Instinct on Xbox One will be getting a Season 3; yeah ^0^!! I just played through the game yesterday and I LOVED the New York Stage Fatality ^0^! LOOKED AWESOME ^0^!!

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