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LEGO Dimensions could get expensive, but it also looks too good to miss

LEGO Dimensions looks incredible but it also looks very expensive. So what is a parent / LEGO fan to do? Buy everything of course.

There is no doubt, being the big kid that I am, that LEGO Dimensions is firmly on my list. The chance to collect some iconic characters, while also getting to play the LEGO games which span the likes of Portal, DC Universe, Back to the Future and The Simpsons, is just too much to resist and that's not even mentioning some of the other classic properties which have been announced.

Who wouldn't want to play in a Ghostbusters level or take control of Marshmallow man. Do you want to drive the Mystery Time Machine down the Yellow Brick Road? Well now you can. 

Here's the problem though. The starter pack alone costs £92.00 on PS4, while level packs such as Back to the Future cost £28 plus. I've already got my eyes on the latter, as well as The Simpsons level pack and the Portal level pack and then there's the team packs such as the Scooby Doo team pack which includes Scooby, Shaggy and the aforementioned Mystery Time Machine, while there is also the Ghostbusters level pack which will be released at some point in the future. So that's almost £200 already and I've not even considered what else I would like to add to that.

Like I say, the above are the packs I'm interested in off the top of my head, but there are many more. For instance, I've not even mentioned the fun packs which add a new character and vehicle. Bart Simpson will be released in this way, as will Krusty, Marshmallow man, Superman, Aquaman and LEGO Movie characters, Wizard of Oz and more.

To be honest I've not even covered everything that's coming as an addition to the game because I don't have a full list and currently there seems to be more and more being revealed each week. If you are a LEGO and video game fan then this could get expensive and although the game looks great, there's only so much you can spend before your wallet is empty and your shelf space is full. The problem for me is that currently I can't choose, because the adds on's mostly all appeal to me and if Star Wars and Marvel is ever added to that list, well I may just have to remortgage my house.

So what do you think of LEGO Dimensions. Is it going to hurt your wallet? Have you pre-ordered and counted up how much it is going to cost you so far? I really can't wait until it releases next month and who knows, if the kids like it then maybe I can could some of those add ons as their Xmas present. 

Edited On 13 Aug, 2015

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Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 1 year ago
I dunno what to think about this - I love my Disney infinity, the NFCs are great quality - and the Amiibos and even Skylanders a bit, do I want another game that, technically, has overpriced DLC in the form of a lego toy? I am going to wait for reviews, as I imagine each world will be the same - a medium sized open world design with random missions that are very similar between worlds. I doubt each DLC, sorry level pack, will offer 5+ hours of totally new gameplay with its own story and progression, especially if you can use any figures in any world - they will just be open world with, collect x amount of y or race through x amount of checkpoints in y amount of time etc... (I hope it proves me wrong, if it does, i will buy)

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