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Apple Keynote, Sept 9 - The Important stuff

The Apple keynote took place tonight, although rather than running you through everything we thought we'd just focus on the more important announcements.

Apple Watch was the first product to get a mention. Apparently it has helped a dentist to exercise regularly and customer satisfaction is 97%. 

Apple TV was next up. The future of TV is apps, says apple, which means we are getting apps on the Apple TV.

The new remote has a touch sensitive pad on top, while Siri is also present, so you can search for movies, actors and the like with your voice. Siri will search over a wide range of products such as Netflix, iTunes etc to find your movie and present the results on one screen. You can also skip back in movies with your voice, ask Siri information, which will then appear on the screen. You can even then scroll up and read more, with the Apple TV pausing whatever you are watching.

Apple Music is also available, but you already know about that.

The most important part of Apple TV is TVOS. This allows developers to create apps for the TV. Apps include the likes of Netflix, HBO, HULU and games such as Disney Infinity, Guitar Hero Live and Crossy Road. 

We saw a new co-op mode for Crossy Road, though you will need two of the remotes seen above. They also look very awkward to use, given the relatively small area of the touch pad.

Check out the video below to see Beat Sports too, a news motion controlled game, again using the controller above, almost like a Wii Mote, since the controller is also motion enabled.

The one good thing is that you can play a game on iPhone then continue where you left off on Apple TV.

That was about it for games, with other apps focusing on sport and shopping. So there we go, all that Apple TV hype for not a lot. It's a start though, maybe one day Apple will take games more seriously.

The new Apple TV arrives in October for $149 for the 32GB and $199 for the 64GB.

iPhone was next up. iPhone 6 is the most popular phone ever and Apple says both together are the most popular phones in the world.

Apparently they are the most advanced smartphones in the world. The new iPhone 6s comes in Rose Gold, as well as the previous colours. The screen sizes are the same as before, although it has new toughened glass. 

The new iPhones also have 3D touch, which is essentially force touch, allowing you to get into apps with quick look, with a more forced touch getting you straight into the app.

iPhone 6S comes with the A9 chip and as per the iPad Pro is faster and better than the previous version. There is also a new TouchID sensor and a better camera, with 12 million megapixels which is 50 percent more than before, without removing image quality. The video is also HD and if you want, 4K quality too. 

There is also a new 5 million megapixels front facing camera, with the retina display allowing you to use it as a flash.

A pretty great new feature is live photos, which when you press a photo you have taken using 3D touch, will come to life, although you could say it's essentially just a short video.

The cost will be the same as when the iPhone 6 released.

Finally, Apple releases iOS 9 and Watch OS 2 on September 16.

Edited On 09 Sep, 2015

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Hallix's avatar
Hallix 1 year ago
That sure is a lot of megapixels for the new iphone ,Joe!!

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