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Gravity Rush 1 & 2 announced for PS4; Original comes to PS4 in Europe this February *update*

Update: Gravity Rush Remastered, a retelling of Kat’s PS Vita adventures launches on 10th February 2016, exclusively for PlayStation 4. The sequel will release sometime in 2016.

The remastered version is being worked on by Bluepoint, the same team working on The Nathan Drake Collection. All three original DLC packs released alongside Gravity Rush’s initial release: the Spy Pack, The Maid Pack and The Military Pack and will also be included within the game.

Original: Sony has announced that Gravity Rush is coming to PS4 on December 10 in Japan and then next year Gravity Rush 2 will be released on PS4 in 2016. 

A new collector's edition was also announced, complete with a statue of Kat.

Interestingly there was a new character shown off for Gravity Rush II as well, which possibly means co-op or some form of multiplayer. Hopefully we'll find out more soon, along with a UK release date for both games.

Edited On 15 Sep, 2015

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yoda soldier's avatar
yoda soldier 1 year ago
Is it worth having a vita anymore? seriously support your product.
Anonymous user's avatar
Richard 1 year ago
@yoda lol next they'll announce uncharted golden abyss or wipeout 2048, no wonder nobody bothering with the vita anymore

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