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Thursday Chat: September 17

There are a few new games this week, such as The Taken King, Forza 6 and PES 2016. Have you picked up any of these titles?

If not, what are you looking forward to playing in the coming weeks?

Let's Chat!

Edited On 17 Sep, 2015

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AJMiddleton's avatar
AJMiddleton 1 year ago
I'm still playing MGS!
Anonymous user's avatar
Matthew 1 year ago
PES 2016 should hopefully be sat on my door mate from you guys when I get home so my weekend will probably be spent editing and playing that. I'm loving Xeodrifter on PSN at the moment and hurtling my way through that and I might try and get into Grow Home as well. Swore an oath to clear my back catalogue of games before Fallout 4!
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 1 year ago
you have just posted my book of unwritten tales 2 for PS4! can't wait to get that - seems to be a lot of old-school Point and click and adventure games out this year :) Next I want the Syberia collection to come to PS4 (otherwise I'll get on PS3 i guess). Been playing a lot of Mad max and Pirate Warriors. Also Taken king was on one of my 'cheap' accounts so tried that out - I don't like Nolan Norths 'C3P0' voice though!

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