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Rock Band 4 is back, but is the latest game a hit?

Rock Band is back and the review scores posted today are looking pretty impressive.

We have a copy on PS4 ourselves, although silly me forgot that all my old guitars were of the Xbox 360 persuasion, meaning that I've been unable to test anything but the singing, although at least that's pretty great.

What we love about Rock Band is that you can download all your previously purchased DLC. There are also a load of new changes, such as the ability for players to play their own guitar solos with Freestyle Guitar Solos; a new type of drum fill; the capability for singers to harmonise with songs and there's also a revamped tour mode with multiple endings.

We're currently scouring all manner of shops to find a cheap PS3 guitar so that we can finally bring you our review, but in the meantime here's what some other critics think.

Rock Band Review Round Up

Destructoid – 7/10
Eurogamer – Recommended
Game Informer – 8.75
IGN – 8.8
GameSpot – 7/10
Shack News – 8/10


Edited On 05 Oct, 2015

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Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 1 year ago
Bought rock band 4 and gh live today. Love them both and couldn't decide which to get haha! Rb delayed til nov though cod the place I got from has no stock, I can wait though !

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