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Our first look at Star Wars Battlefront

We got early access to Star Wars: Battlefront this morning, so we had a quick game, while capturing footage at the same time for your viewing pleasure.

First impressions are very spectacular indeed, with the Star Wars theme blasting in your ears, surrounded by the noise of blasters, A-Wings, Tie-Fighters and more. At first sight it is a joy to behold and a Star Wars fans dream. 

My first step into the action was a real eye opener, with the action having a slight Battlefield feel, especially in the way the Walker Assault map offer such a large open space. There are other modes on offer, such as a single player survival mode and the multiplayer Drop Zone, however it was the Walker Assault mode that we tested and it really was spectacular. 

Your first experience within Walker Assault will be seeing large AT-AT Walkers roaming the snowy grounds with their menacing presence. This makes it difficult as a Rebel trooper as you are trying to avoid fire from all angles, be it from the Stormtroopers, Tie Fighters or the lasers of those aforementioned AT-AT's. Luckily the Rebels also have plenty of kit, such as the A-Wings, X-Wings and of course Luke Skywalker. 

During our first play through we got hold of an A-Wing, which is accessed via a token which you pick up within the map. By pressing L1 and R1 together you then switch to the A-Wing, which is very easy to fly and control, meaning that you are able to get straight into the action without too much trouble. You can see in the video below just how easily we managed to fly the A-Wing at first time of asking.

Our first impressions then are of a rather positive nature as you will see in the video below, were we can barely contain our excitement.

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Edited On 07 Oct, 2015

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