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Spiderman Edge of Time preview

Spiderman Edge of Time will appear on PS3 and Xbox 360 later this year, luckily we managed to grab a quick look at the new title at a preview event held in London, and although we didn’t managed to get hands on ourselves, what we did see left us curious about how this one will pan out.

The Beenox developed game certainly has some pedigree behind it, with Josh Keaton voicing Amazing Spiderman, Christopher Daniel Barns voicing Spiderman 2099 and the whole game being written by 2099 creator, Peter David.

It has to be said that from early impressions Spiderman Edge of Time is looking good. Taking the role of both Amazing Spideman and Spiderman 2099, you will play through an adventure which blends action with seamless, cause and effect gameplay, as you work your way towards the end goal.

Edge of Time’s big selling point is that during the game you will switch between playing as Amazing Spiderman and Spiderman 2099, with the main aim to stop Peter Parker from dying an untimely death. During the game you switch between both characters with the main aim being to help each through the levels. E.g, in one level Spiderman 2099 is having a hard time fighting a giant robot, to help him out Amazing Spiderman is asked to destroy the prototype of this robot in the present, once he achieves this the game then switches back just in time to see his future self, Spiderman 2099, watch the robot fade away.

As you play through the game as Spiderman 2099, you will see levels changing in appearance as Amazing Spiderman performs certain actions, this is obviously because he is changing the future, just like he did when he destroyed the prototype robot.

So what else is new? Well, both characters now have new special abilities, such as Evade which allows Amazing Spiderman to dodge quickly out of the way, and there is also a new ghost ability which allows the webbed wonder, 2099, to create what amounts to a clone of himself, this then allows him to distract enemy fire, and also create an alternative target for missiles etc, giving him time to move on. Other abilities include the usual suspects, such as using webs to swing around the levels, while Spiderman 2099 is able to make use of a clawed web to get into the thick of the melee action.

One of Spiderman 2099’s abilities that did stick out was that he was able to fly due to webbed wings attached to his suit. In the level we saw he jumped into what closely resembled a mine / elevator shaft and travelled down it at lightning speed. The aim here was to dodge the oncoming obstacles before he crashed into them, to be honest it looked fairly difficult, but impressive all the same.

The action in Edge of Time looks like it will be very fast paced and frantic, which will no doubt suit fans of the series. my main problems with the previous games was that they were too slow paced for me, so this title looking like it will keep the action coming again and again can only be a good thing.

Visually, considering we were looking at a pre-alpha build, the game is actually looking good. The way the game switches between modern times to future is certainly not to its detriment, with the action looking like it will run smoothly be you in either setting.

Like we say, our first look at Edge of Time was limited, however this could certainly be one to watch out for when it arrives later this year.

Edited On 18 Apr, 2011

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