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The Witcher 3 gets its largest patch yet

CD Projekt Red has announced that a new patch for The Witcher 3 has been released.

With Patch 1.10 for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the developer brings the largest collection to date of fixes, improvements and assorted enhancements to the game yet.

Patch 1.10 features more than six hundred fixes overall, including a multitude of quest corrections, numerous optimisations improving game performance on PC and consoles, over one hundred fifty improvements to game stability, additional conversations with key characters to enhance both Geralt's relationships with them as well as the story as a whole, and a major and much-awaited fix improving item order and sorting in the game Inventory.

Edited On 08 Oct, 2015

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Cheeky Monkey's avatar
Cheeky Monkey 1 year ago
I bought this on day one but haven't played it for weeks. I only got to character level 3 and gave up because I didn't like the combat, too many controls to remember, and hated all the menus that had to be waded through to find or do anything. Just too complex, and that's coming from a fan of JRPG's. I just think it's not user friendly at all. Thinking of trading it in, what's it worth?
Anonymous user's avatar
ANDREW 1 year ago
I came back from the hospital after my nan passed away from a heart attack on and this was through my letter box from this very website the day before it was released , this game got me through such a tough time I love this game such a great piece of work
Chrissay's avatar
Chrissay 1 year ago
This game is awesome, stopped playing a while ago waiting for the dlc so close to platinum but those Gwent card collection is very frustrating lol glad to see there's inventory fixes as that was a bit annoying. Hopefully a bit easier to manage things now

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