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What's bad about Battlefront?

The Star Wars Battlefront beta is pretty great in my honest opinion, however it’s not without its issues and this is something that we’d like to focus on in this article, after all, it is a beta and the whole point of a beta is to iron out the issues in the hope of a smooth launch. So what is wrong with Battlefront?

I’ve obviously experienced the beta myself and have an idea of what I don’t like, however I’ve also asked around to find out what else people don’t like. So what’s a bugbear amongst others? Well, one of the first things mentioned to me was the the Party System, as this only allows for one co-op partner, rather than a squad of five, as was the case in Battlefield. This means that it’s more difficult to get your party together all on the same team during a match. It also makes it more difficult to find your team during the match. While this may not be an issue for those who often play solo, it’s certainly a big deal for those out there will a group of friends who normally spend hours playing games together.

Another issue I and many others have found is that the Walker Assault feels a little unbalanced in favour of the Imperials. I’ve not played many matches where the Rebels have actually won, mainly due to the fact that the Walkers and AT-ST’s always seem to overpower the Rebels. In my respect it doesn’t help that I’ve only ever found two A-Wings in countless matches and I’ve never even seen an X-Wing, which makes me think that perhaps there is some sort of balance problem here that needs to be addressed.

Spawning is another area where things seem to go a little wrong too and it could be another reason for the Imperial imbalance. There have been countless times during a match on both maps where, while playing as a Rebel, the imperials seemed to be camping on our spawn spot. This made it particularly difficult on the Walker Assault stage as AT-ST’s and Walkers caused devastation every time a new Rebel trooper spawned.

There are some that will likely compare this game to Battlefield and that’s understandable, after all it comes from both the same Publisher and Developer, however Battlefront has to be different, because not only has it got to appeal to those of a hardcore gaming nature, but it also has to be accessible for all those casual gamers out there who will no doubt get on board because this is a Star Wars game. So how do you win that battle? Well, it’s certainly not with content gating, that’s for sure.

In the beta, you can’t customise your character and if like me, you’re having to catch up to those who are much better at shooters, something which is made all the more difficult when all the best weapons and equipment is locked out until you eventually manage to earn enough credit, by which time you may well have got fed up by being killed all the time. People also seem to be complaining about shallow combat and little room for strategy, although I would disagree a little here, especially in games such as Walker Assault, as I feel good teamwork could really go a long way to winning a match, although whether a team of strangers will be willing to work as a team rather than as individuals is highly doubtful.

There are plenty of good points about Battlefront of course, but we’ve covered them elsewhere. What we want to know from you though is what you don’t like? What would you like to see EA and DICE improve upon to make Battlefront the experience we not only want but deserve? Leave your comments below, and who know, maybe someone will listen.

Edited On 12 Oct, 2015

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sthep's avatar
sthep 1 year ago
the only issue is spawn killing, but that I would say will be addressed pretty quick on release
Joe2120's avatar
Joe2120 1 year ago
Yeah that does suck, but do you not think the game is pretty unbalanced to the Imperials in Walker Assault? I love the game btw.
Joe-Hennigan's avatar
Joe-Hennigan 1 year ago
It seems great so far but it is so unbalanced on Walker assault. The spawn issue is a bit off putting and weapons could be better, I played one game where everyone used the heavy machine gun, it doesn't have a great zoom but the fire rate and unlimited range makes it devastating. They should bring in a battlefield type squad setup as having one partner doesn't help with taking on the objectives. One last point, not important but still found myself questioning as to why Luke was wearing his Return of the Jedi gear. Still looking forward to it though.
smchilton's avatar
smchilton 1 year ago
I thought that the weapons were awful, frequently I would get multiple shots at the opposition then they would somehow turn around and kill me. The game is awful, the only positive is that the servers were running smooth. First played this at eurogamer and instantly disliked it, thought I'd give it a go on the ps4 beta and quickly regretted and deleted
Lawler_1093's avatar
Lawler_1093 1 year ago
It feels very unbalanced. there's a gun, can't remember the name of it, it kills me in two shots. All the others take a few shots
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 1 year ago
I only played a few games, but I hated starting with nothing in a match with about 90% of people who had been playing it all day and unlocked all the content so much better guns and grenades. was impossible for me to even dream of winning unless I played a lot of games and bought all the upgrades myself - something I really couldn't be bothered to do
JoeToots's avatar
JoeToots 1 year ago
I loved the battlefront beta. Untill they announced the season pass.
spaceninjaUK's avatar
spaceninjaUK 1 year ago
The beta was brilliant!!! i had no problems getting kills even if i had less unlocks than most players, i would agree that it is unbalanced in favour of the imperials and the spawn points need sorting but apart from that it was great, roll on november!!! :D

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