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Leia, Han, and Palpatine confirmed for Star Wars: Battlefront

DICE has confirmed Leia, Han, and Palpatine for Star Wars: Battlefront.

Leia Organa will play a hero support role by applying buffs to team members and holding positions, while those who spawn close to her will turn into Alderaan Honor Guards.

She also has a 'Trooper Bane' skill which allows her to fire off a quick shot which “packs a real punch” if the target is hit. Leia also has an Enhanced Squad Shield, which is one of the most powerful shields within the game.

Han Solo is all about “offensive output, damage, and mobility,” and makes use of three hero abilities: Rapid Fire, Lucky Shot and Shoulder Charge. The first is exactly as it sounds, the second can be used against vehicles, infantry and even break Darth Vader. Shoulder Charge allows the player to pull off an offensive and defensive move to quickly get in and out of battle.

Lastly, Emperor Palpatine has a Force Lightning attack, which call damage all Rebels within its radius. Force Dash allows him to move super fast and he can also support other troops with power-ups using the Imperial Resources ability.

Star Wars: Battlefront comes out on November 17 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Edited On 21 Oct, 2015

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