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Three more modes detailed for Star Wars Battlefront

EA has detailed three more modes for Star War: Battlefront.

Heroes vs Villains offers "short, intense rounds" with famous Star Wars characters. The matches are divided into rounds, with three players from each team randomly spawning in as either a Hero or Villain and once kill the player will then respawn as a regular trooper. The objective is to defeat all opposing Heroes or Villains or have the highest number of Hero or Villain characters alive at the end of the round.

Training Missions meanwhile, can be played with a friend online or in split-screen co-op. The five modes include: Probe Droids, Beggar’s Canyon, Overpower, Invasion, Overpower, Endor Chase, and The Dark Side.

The final mode detailed today was 1v1 Battles and Hero Battles, both of which can be played online or through split-screen. The goal here is to collect points by picking up dropped tokens from defeated enemies and reach 100 points to win the match. Hero Battles is similar, except with Heroes and Villains taking the place of regular troopers. 

Star Wars: Battlefront releases on November 17 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. 

Edited On 21 Oct, 2015

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