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Life is Strange Episode 5: Complete playthrough

Last night we played Life is Strange: Episode 5 and decided to record it.

Episode 5 has a few choice to make which then help determine the final outcome of the game, although not before you have one other major choice to make. We highly recommend that you play Life is Strange as a whole as it really is a fantastic game, however if you'd rather not then you can always watch how our game played out below.

Edited On 22 Oct, 2015

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ANDREW 1 year ago
I liked life is strange apart from the part you play
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 1 year ago
Was a really good game, I hope square Enix does another game like this in the future, so much better than most of the telltale ones. You chose the same ending as me though so I'll have to replay my ending and pick the other choice :)

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