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How to redeem your bonus Assassin's Creed DLC

we are having customers ask how you redeem your bonus Assassin's Creed: Syndicate DLC, so we thought that we would give you a simple guide.

Please see redeem instructions below

- Go to the following website: https://assassinscreed-redeem.ubi.com
- Log in with your Uplay account or register
- Select the Platform on which you want to play
- Redeem the code above to get your additional content
- You will receive your download code or PC access by email when the game releases

Enjoy your DLC.

Edited On 22 Oct, 2015

( 8 )
Anonymous user's avatar
Steven 1 year ago
I didn't get an email with a code after following these steps, no Idea what I did wrong.
Nhrioz's avatar
Nhrioz 1 year ago
I didn't get an email either.....
SuperSlaphead's avatar
SuperSlaphead 1 year ago
I got a code, inputted it on the said website & still haven't received my bonus content yet. If you are going to use this practice for exclusive content in future I would prefer you to make it known beforehand because I've got nothing & will purchase my games from a more reputable company because I've noticed your prices are slowly creeping up.
Ravenous's avatar
Ravenous 1 year ago
No email here yet either....
x VeNoMz x V3's avatar
x VeNoMz x V3 1 year ago
No email here too
Anonymous user's avatar
Craig 1 year ago
Still no email either after 2 days of redeeming, Ive set up a ticket with ubisoft about this.
wolverine77's avatar
wolverine77 1 year ago
I've no email either :-(
Anonymous user's avatar
James 1 year ago
Can't redeem the DLC because I can't remember my uPlay initial email registration/password to login to the redemption website. Even though I can login to uPlay through my Microsoft/PSN id. Tried to contact Ubisoft on numerous occasions and received nothing back. Basically if this is the way Ubisoft DLC is going to be done in the future there needs to a notification on the product details, that the DLC is redeemable via Ubisoft. Why they have no option within uPlay (via the console) itself to redeem I don't know?

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