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The PlayStation web store gets a wish list service

Sony has added a wishlist to the PlayStation Store, although you can't actually buy someone what they want using the new system.

The feature was activated on the website this week, although it's not available on the actual console store. Currently it's unknown if Sony will add to this feature further, by perhaps emailing you when a game on your wishlist goes on sale or possibly by adding a gifting feature, allowing friends and family to buy you the games you have wished for. 

Is this a feature you would make use of or are there any other features which are missing from PlayStation 4 that you would like to see added? Let us know below.

Edited On 23 Oct, 2015

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Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 1 year ago
I love this! 've been bookmarking pages of games i want, but I can stop that now :) now the store is massive it is easy to get lost - exp with dlc and the RB games that have hit the site and pretty much pushed out all the legit dlc's - this was a good move, now we just need it on the console
Lawler_1093's avatar
Lawler_1093 1 year ago
Hopefully they add the option to buy the person the game they want on their wish list. It's perfect for a birthday present or Christmas present

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