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Fallout 4 is complete, will hit stores on November 10

Fallout 4 is finished, all 27 versions of it.

So what does that mean exactly? Well, first up, there will be 27 different ways for you to buy a standard copy of Fallout 4 on November 10 as the game has nine regional versions and three supported platforms and what does 3x9 make?

The game arrives on November 10 worldwide and will be making its way to stores soon.

Are you excited for Fallout 4?

Edited On 23 Oct, 2015

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Anonymous user's avatar
MICHAEL 1 year ago
Game of the year 2015. Blow MGS 5 and crappy halo 5 out of the water. Hail the wasteland.
sackdemajick's avatar
sackdemajick 1 year ago
totally agree this is going to rock my world, all hail Bethesda ????????!!!
Anonymous user's avatar
DANIEL 1 year ago
yes gonna be epic guys also for ppl who dont know you can start crafting character build on site below, site is work in progress tho. http://vault111.com/
Anonymous user's avatar
ANDREW 1 year ago
I don't think it will be game of the year I think Mgs already has it in the bag
Anonymous user's avatar
PHILIP 1 year ago
Wonder if Bethesda will keep to their tradition and release it plagued with bugs thats the question ?
Anonymous user's avatar
CHRISTOPHER 1 year ago
This game will take over my life probAlly
Gecko2013's avatar
Gecko2013 1 year ago
Playing new assassins creed until this is released. AC has a lotta invisible character moments lol. Metal gear was awesome. Darksiders 2 hopefully comes on Monday then 10th November..... War ... War never changes...bye social life.
JoeToots's avatar
JoeToots 1 year ago
People claiming it GOTY before it has even released? This is why gaming has gone to shit. All aboard the bloody hype train.. Sad..

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