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Watch Sony's PlayStation Press Conference from 5pm

Sony is hosting its European PlayStation Conference tonight after skipping out on Gamescom. The conference is sure to be full of surprises, with news expected on a motorbike expansion for DriveClub, as well as other currently unknown announcements and some news of previously announced games.

We'll be bringing you all the news in a round up at the end of the conference and then tomorrow in our ShopTo Gaming Show, Episode 2, we'll discuss everything Sony has announced and more.

If you would like to watch the conference then you have a few options. First off you can watch live right here on ShopTo.

However, if you'd prefer to watch from the comfort of your TV, then you can also watch the conference via the events app on your PS4. Check back here later for the live show and all the news and announcements.

Edited On 27 Oct, 2015

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